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Download File Legal Agreement

Sir Oak Tree grants you an exclusive limited use license to purchase download file orders with Sir Oak Tree. Sir Oak Tree retains all ownership and intellectual property rights to its 3D print downloaded files. You may not resell, cause or permit reverse engineering, disassembly or decompile these files.

The Sir Oak website contains names, logos, design files which are trademarks and/or brand names of Sir Oak Tree. These marks and other Sir Oak Tree brand names may not be used, resold or re-manufactured without the written permission of Sir Oak Tree. The copyright in the content of the Site and its downloaded files are owned by Sir Oak Tree or other third parties. No part of the Site, logo, or it’s downloaded content may be copied or reproduced for commercial purposes without the express written permission of Sir Oak Tree or the identified owner of the information and content. provides an automated internet-based download purchase service to customers, which they use to print our products for their own use. Sir Oak Tree contractually prohibits its customers from using the downloads to sell products that infringe third party intellectual property rights (including among others copyright, trademark, design, and model, patent, trade dress and right of publicity, etc.). You are solely responsible for the purchased content that you downloaded from the site. By submitting an order to Sir Oak Tree, you confirm that you agree not to download files for the purpose of re-manufacturing for sale or resale after purchasing from Sir Oak Tree. Those that do will be held liable for all (direct and indirect) damages and costs incurred to Sir Oak Tree with respect to such claims.

After purchasing a 3D file download order, the customer must accept this agreement before we will send a link to download. If a customer does not sign this agreement, the customer's order will be canceled and refunded.


Thank you for your agreement. We will send you a link shortly.

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