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Studio-grade FX Web Spinners now available!


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These are the same professional commercial studio-grade cobweb spinners the film industry in Hollywood uses on films as well as stage theater. The Cobweb Spinner Pro uses an aerodynamic airflow from the spinning fan blades which blow the material forward and bend outward from the lid lip as the product inside is spun out from tiny holes that create a stringy airborne spiral web onto the area needed. If you want a more spiral web, cover up some of the holes with tape to get the desired look you want. In the Titan demo video, we taped up 2 of the 4 holes for a more controlled webbing in just the right areas. These spinners are made right here in the U.S.A.


Over 800 of these tools were sold worldwide to:

  • Production Studios

  • Prop Masters

  • Art Departments

  • Scenic Designers

  • Theatrical Stages Departments

  • Set Contractors

  • Halloween Decorators 

​The web spinner spins out a wider web (stringy rubber cement) over a larger area which means your work can be completed faster and will look more realistic and natural. Rubber cement is safe on trees, shrubs, plants, etc. Simply pick off the large amounts when your event is over and the rest will disintegrate on its own.

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