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DNA IN STOCK: 0 (FastShip)

A3K frames discontinued

You will get a shipment message indicating when your order is shipped out to you or shipped to a builder.



  • DNA Blue Billet Machined 6061 Aluminum Anodized color finish
  • DNA Blue Carbon Fiber Panels (Front & Back)
  • DNA Cyan Clear color resin buttons
  • DNA screws
  • DNA Screen holder
  • SOT Frame and Panel Magnets (Self Install)
  • Free US Shipping to you or SOT Xperience Builder (Enter promo code: SOT at checkout) International orders must pay shipping cost and can not use SOT promo if shipping to "Build It Myself".


Build Options with or without Xperience:

  • "Build It Myself" with your own electronics and parts.
  • "Send to SOT Builder" that will build your A3K with all electronics and parts needed.
  • Note: The SOT Xperience builder will charge for electronic parts, labor, and shipping to you. (not included in this purchase.)


    What is Xperience?

    Xperience is a new option where customers can buy SOT enclosures, panels, buttons, magnets and have them sent to an affiliated professional builder of SOT where the customer can purchase the electronics hardware, battery, and labor to complete the product ready to use from the builder.

    The Xperience builder will bill you separately from your SOT purchase.


  • Note: The builder will charge for electronic parts, labor, and shipping to you. (not included in this purchase.) For builder prices, You can see and contract the builder here.

    Xperience option

    When you purchase the Xperience option, you are purchasing a package that will be shipped to a builder to complete for ready to use. Your builder will charge you separately from this purchase. This package is for customers who want a fully functional product ready to use when it arrives in the mail. The builder will charge for electronics, hardware, labor and shipping to you. 

  • A3K DNA Frame

    • Inside dimensions: L 92.8 x W 44 x D 33.2
    • Outside dimensions: L 105.5 x W 48.9 x D 47.9
    • 510 Cutout: 22x12

    Lipo Batteries that fit are:

    • 1550mAh Ovonics 50c
    • 1600mAh Hobbystar 120c
    • 1800mAh Powerhobby 75c
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