A3K DNA Acrylic Neon Color panels set only (no magnets or hardware included)

Allow 1 week for shipping as some panels are made to order. You will get a shipment message indicating when your order is shipped out to you.


Choice of Acrylic DNA Neon Color Panel Set (Front / Back):

  • Neon Orange 2086
  • Neon Red 2085
  • Neon Blue 9092
  • Neon Green 2154
  • Neon Yellow 9097

Our Fluorescent Cast Acrylic Panels are transparent in nature, but have unique properties that allow the edges to glow!


A3K DNA Neon Color Acrylic panel sets only

Acrylic Panel color
  • Panel

    • L 102.3mm x W 45.4mm x D 2.8mm