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A3K DNA Acrylic Neon Color panels set only (no magnets or hardware included)

Allow 1 week for shipping as some panels are made to order. You will get a shipment message indicating when your order is shipped out to you.


Choice of Acrylic DNA Neon Color Panel Set (Front / Back):

  • Neon Orange 2086
  • Neon Red 2085
  • Neon Blue 9092
  • Neon Green 2154
  • Neon Yellow 9097

Our Fluorescent Cast Acrylic Panels are transparent in nature, but have unique properties that allow the edges to glow!


A3K DNA Neon Color Acrylic panel sets only

  • Panel

    • L 102.3mm x W 45.4mm x D 2.8mm
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