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DIY Installation.

SOT (Sir Oak Tree) magnets can be matched for SOT frames and panels or unmatched. Matched means they are marked with "black" on the side of the magnet that connects with the panel and frame. You would cement the clear side into the frame or panel.

Our exclusive "black" coated side points out when installing into the frame or panel. The clear chrome side is the side that is cemented inside the frame and panel. Both "black" sides of the magnets should connect when you place then together. After the cement is dry, you may remove the "black" mark on the magnets with rubbing alcohol and Q-tip swap.

  • 8x Frame magnets 1/8x1/8 | Polarity "S" South cement inside, (Black marked side "North" should show out).
  • 8x Panel magnets 1/8x1/16 | Polarity "N" North cement into the panel, (Black marked side "South" should show out) and connect to the frame.

A3K Frame/Panel SOT Magnet Set

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